Neckers - What ones to order

Not sure what neckers to order? To help you (and us!) we've made a helpful table to show what groups typically order what neckers.

Groups Necker
18th Kennoway One colour, purple
23rd Leven Scout green with lemon 1" border
25th Markinch one colour, emerald
58th South parks Navy blue with gold 1" border
89th Northglen left side emerald, right side royal blue
91st Stenton Scarlet
1st Buckhaven Black Watch Tartan
(?) Cupar Black Watch Tartan
(?) Ceres Scout Green with Scarlet 1" border
(?)Swindon Lemon with Royal Blue 1" border
(?) South Queensferry Scout Green with lemon 1" border
(?) Newburgh Lemon with royal blue 1" border
(?) St Andrews NAvy blue with white 1" border
4th Cardenden Dress Stewart Tartan
(?) Dundee Lemon with scarlet 1" border
(?) Kelty Maroon with lemon 1" border
(?) Balmullo Red Mclean Tartan
5th Kirkcaldy Sky Blue
74th Perth Royal blue with Gold 1" border
15th Freuchie Royal Blue with lemon 1" border


If your group isn't shown in the table above, and/or we do not stock your necker, please drop us a message at